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Who we are:

  • We are a unique Lithuanian company that concentrates on macadamia nuts.
  • We have our own research and development centers. Achievements:
    We were one of the first in the world to create and develop macadamia nut “milk” – drink.
    Developed technologies for the most silky and smooth taste of macadamia nut butter/ spread.
    First in Europe introduced technologies for cutting macadamia nut shell (pre-cut shell)
    And many more products are on the list coming soon.
  • We have the most modern and one of the largest macadamia nut processing factory in Europe.
  • Today we have the largest variety of macadamia products in the world.
  • We manage the entire production chain and have full quality control: starting from our own plantations/farms, to the largest factory in Lithuania.
  • We are proud to compete with other suppliers of macadamia nut products due to highest quality of nuts, good price and fast service.

What we seek:

  • To provide best solutions for the Food Industry, Retailers, Distributors and various Macadamia products Brand Owners. You are more than welcome to buy 1 kg or 23000 kg and more.
  • To expand our brand and products all over the world and to develop relations in new markets.
  • To provide delicious and sustainable plant-based alternatives that promote well-being and cater to diverse dietary needs.
  • To make macadamia nuts affordable for everyone.
  • To support a healthy lifestyle while minimizing the impact on the environment.
  • We are using 100% of the harvested nuts. Nothing is wasted. Fallen Nuts and leaves are used as a fertilizer and new uses are constantly being researched, such as biochar for carbon capture and storage.
  • In everything we do we are mindful of our responsibility to current and future generations. Our macadamia farms focus on clean and organic farming and use the world’s best farming methods to help create a sustainable future.

Why to choose us?

  • We ensure efficient production and supply, offering the best value and quality for money.
  • We have the largest macadamia nut stock in North Europe (Lithuania).
  • We always have more than 150 thousand kg of macadamia nuts ready in our warehouse.
  • We only work with macadamia nuts, so it does not contain any other nut allergens.
  • We work with one of the healthiest nuts which stands out for its exceptional nutritional value, unsaturated fat and fiber amount.
  • Macadamia nuts are the least allergenic of all nuts.
  • Our macadamia nuts are fresh and contain no additives.
  • Macadamia nut drinks contain the highest amount of nuts and only natural ingredients. There are no flavoring or coloring additives in it and almost no sugars (only natural sugars) .
  • All products are GMO-free, lactose-free, gluten-free

Our products we are proud of

We are seeking for new distributors around the globe!


  • No added sugar
  • Plant based
  • Natural ingredients only
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No additives, no GMO
  • Perfect for vegetarian and vegans
  • Not as dry as peanut butter
  • Smooth and easy to spread

Frequently asked questions

Company’s Vision, Mission

To create newest products, that do not exist in the world yet. We have a lot of innovative products that are waiting to be released into the market.
We seek that macadamia nuts and its’ products would be easy to buy for everyone.
We want to widen plant products assortment, adding to climate change lessening.
We are not only nut growers, but also importers, so we have good prices and unstoppable supply.

Why should you choose the macadamia nuts drink?

The macadamia nuts drink is distinguished by a softer, creamier texture comparing to other plant drinks, because in its’ composition there are a lot of fats. There is omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in it, but no lactose and gluten. It is 100% made of plants and is a perfect alternative for cow milk. The macadamia drink has a soft nut aftertaste that is perfect for coffee, smoothies, porridge, pancakes or with breakfast cereals.

What is the sweet carobs’ seeds’ flour in the drink “Natural”?

It is the sweet carobs’ resin – natural polysaccharide, separated from the carob (Ceratonia siliqua), used as a thickener, stabiliser and emulsifier.

What is gellan resin?

It is in every “Macadamia nut farm” drink. It is a natural polysaccharide, created from starch by bacteria Pseudomonas elodea. Used as a thickener and stabiliser.

Why in the drink Barista there’s 2,2 g sugar, but in the drink Turmeric – 4,5 g?

Sugars are not artificially added white sugar. In the nutrition declaration specified sugars’ amount – it is the natural sugars that are in a drink’s ingredients, like carbohydrates’ structure’s units. The largest amount is predetermined by natural sugars in rice syrup.

Is it possible to freeze macadamia nuts?

Yes, wanting to keep macadamia nuts fresh, it is allowed to keep them in the refrigerator or freezer. Lower temperatures slow down spoiling processes’ course and consequently the nut is kept fresh for a longer time.

Can macadamia nuts cause headaches?

Scientifically approved information about specifically macadamia nuts causing headaches does not exist. However, it is known, that in general eating nuts for some people, who are more sensitive, can cause migraine exacerbation. The influence for migraine exacerbation is a component in nuts – tyramine, which naturally appears in foods as certain amino acids split. From nuts, walnuts and pecans have the largest tyramine quantity in their composition.

Can macadamia nuts spoil?

Yes, like any other food products, macadamia nuts start to rot as time passes. Shelled nuts’ expiration date is longer than unshelled, because, for the latter, the protective barrier is removed, and environmental circumstances have an easier effect on the nut’s core. Wanting to hold macadamia nuts’ quality for as long as possible, it is recommended to choose suitable keeping conditions. It is recommended to keep the nuts in a dark and chilly spot, airtight jar or packaging. To keep the nuts’ good quality for even longer, you can keep them in a refrigerator or freezer.

Can macadamia nuts cause allergies?

Yes, for people, who are allergic to nuts, macadamia nuts also can cause allergy symptoms, however it is very individual. For example, looking at the prevalence, less than 5 per cent USA citizens, sensitive to tree nuts, are allergic to macadamia nuts.

What are macadamia nuts used for?

Macadamia nuts are used for food. Nut cores can be used fresh or processed. This nut is a tasty and sweet snack not processed or roasted and garnished with a variety of add-ons – spices, salt, honey, cream, yogurt, squeeze oil and widely used in confectionary – full nuts, sides, pieces or creams, this nut is distinguished by its’ soft and subtle taste.

What do macadamia nuts mean?

They are round nuts in a very hard shell with cores that are distinguished by their light colour and are used for food. Macadamia nuts grow and mature on evergreen trees (Macadamia integrifolia or M. tetraphylla), coming from Australia and widely grown in Hawaii and Africa.

What are macadamia nuts made of?

Macadamia nuts grow and ripen on trees.

What are macadamia nuts useful for? Ar macadamia nuts good for health? Why are macadamia nuts good for health? Why should you choose macadamia nuts?

a. There are a lot of whole fats. In one portion of macadamia nuts there are also a lot of dietary fibres, protein, manganese, thiamine and a lot of copper.
b. Macadamia nuts fatness is larger than other popular nuts, like almonds, cashews, walnuts and others, that are good for health. More than 80 per cent of fatness, that is in macadamia nuts, are monounsaturated fats, that are good for health. In these nuts there are also a certain kind of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), which are not easy to get (soak up in the organism) in a lot of other food products.
c. Macadamia nuts belong in low glycaemic index food group. Macadamia nuts are distinguished by a positive effect on health and are a suitable part for a healthy nutrition ration.
d. Their usage can lessen heart and blood-vessels diseases risk;
e. Their usage can be a perfect prevention for cancer development;
f. Their usage can support healthy brain processes;
g. Their usage can help with weight regulations;
h. Their usage secures the feeling of being full for a longer period of time.
i. Article for references to sources and more detailed information:

Are macadamia nuts good for people with diabetes?

Macadamia nuts are a perfect food for diabetics or those, that have more glucose in their blood. Macadamia nuts are a tasty snack with a small GI, having beneficial for health monounsaturated fatty acids in their composition.

Are macadamia nuts distinguished by having a positive effect on the liver?

Direct scientific experiments about macadamia nuts’ usage and their effect on the liver does not exist.

Are macadamia nuts good for keto nutrition?

Macadamia nuts are perfect for keto nutrition, so they are often used not just as a snack, but also as part of a variety of recipes. Macadamia nuts have around 70-75% of fat and in a 28 g portion there are 19-21 g of fat and only 3 g of whole carbohydrates.

Are macadamia nuts good for LOW FODMAP nutrition?

LOW FODMAP nutrition is recommended for people that have irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a frequent digestive canal disorder that is found to 1 out of 10 USA citizens every year. With symptoms like cramping, diarrhoea, gas accumulation and stomach bloating. Nutrition is one of the ways to control IBS symptoms. Usual treatment method is to avoid food products that cause symptoms. FODMAP is ciphered as “fermented oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols.” These fermented short chain carbohydrates are widely popular in people’s nutrition. Macadamia nuts are good for LOW FODMAP nutrition because there is a small FODMAP dose in them after eating up to 20 or less nuts (unlike other nuts, like almonds, cashews and pistachios, which have a lot of FODMAPS in their composition and it is not recommended to eat more than 10 nuts). Macadamia nuts are good for FODMAP, eating no more than 50 grams or 20 nuts.

Are macadamia nuts grown on tree-nuts?

Yes. Macadamia nuts are ripened by trees – Macadamia integrifolia or M. tetraphylla.

Why are macadamia nuts so expensive?

The main cause is slow harvest obtainment process. Even though there are ten macadamia tree kinds, only 2 ripen good quality, food approved nuts and it can take from seven to ten years until trees start to ripen nuts and give crops. Nuts are harvested only five – six times per year, usually done by hands. Macadamia nuts have a thick shell that is very solid and special equipment is needed to remove it, usually the shell is removed before selling, only the nuts’ cores being sold, but you can also find unshelled nuts in the market. The shell also makes it hard to tell apart ripen and unripen nuts, so the crop harvest process takes a long time and a lot of supplies.

Can all animals consume Macadamia Nuts?
Macadamia nut is friendly for all animals except dogs, whose immune systems are intolerant to macadamia nuts.